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A full Holistic Healing package designed to help you relax,  reduce stress and to calm the mind and body.

       The Holistic Healing package includes:

       A guided meditation

       Chakra Crystal cleansing 

       A full Reiki treatment

       A single Angel card reading 

The Holistic Healing  session begins with a guided meditation, as you relax on the treatment bed, helping to calm the mind and relax your muscles. During the meditation soft music is played in the background and a gentle light is produced from a Himalayan salt lamp. 

Pillows and blankets are provided to offer maximum comfort as scented candles and incense are burned in order to clear stagnant energies. 

Chakra Crystals are then placed on the seven major Chakra points which help to clear any blockages in the body. The crystals are tailored to each Chakra point, which are the main energy centres of the body.  When energy becomes stagnant or dense in these areas, it can cause a blockage of energy which may then manifest as physical illness or emotional imbalance.

A full Reiki treatment is then provided,  unblocking and sending healing to the body's Chakras. This is a very relaxing experience, which helps to  promote a healthy mind and body.

After the treatment a single angel card reading will be given as you clear your body with a refreshing bottle of spring water.

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Holistic Healing Package