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Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki in Orrell, Wigan

The Reiki treatment is usually carried out in the animal's home environment alongside their owner,  in order to help them relax and eliminate any potential stress of strange  surroundings. The treatment will last between 30-40 minutes and the animal is free to end the treatment at any time they wish. Distance Reiki for animals is also available. 

I hold a certificate in Reiki and holistic healing for animals including equines. 

A Reiki treatment can also be given at a veterinary clinic during euthanasia to ease the transition for everyone, with the permission of the veterinary practice. 

​​Reiki is benificial to animals too. The powerful nature of Reiki enables it to reach deeply into the most damaged souls to bring about healing, on an emotional and physical level. 

 When an animal's Chakra becomes blocked the energy flow becomes stagnant and sluggish. This can occur due to factors such as anxiety, fear and stress. Reiki gently helps to clear the blockages, without harmful side effects. 

 Wild, aggressive, abused and traumatised animals can also be treated comfortably and safely with distant Reiki. This can be ideal for a very nervous animal. A Reiki treatment will last around an hour and is normally in the comfort of the animals own home. This helps to reduce stress and help them to relax. 

 Reiki can help animals to cope with:

 Past abuse and neglect

Stress and anxiety

Fear (eg bonfire night, vet visits)


End of life care

Pain and discomfort

Separation anxiety